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Television have become a very important and essential part of our life. It is said to be an Idiot Box but still we cannot sty without it. Television is the electronic delivery of moving images and sound from a source to a receiver. By extending the senses of vision and hearing beyond the limits of physical distance, TV has had a considerable influence on society.

The technical standards for modern television, both black-n-white and colour, were first established in the middle of the 20th century. Lot of upgradations have been made continuously since that time, and the technology changed considerable in the 21st century. LG TV Service Centre in Hiranandani Thane West, LG TV Service Centre in Powai, LG TV Service Centre in Lokhandwala Andheri West, LG TV Service Centre inThakur Village Kandivali, LG TV Service Centre in Walkeshwar. Much attention was focussed on increasing the picture resolution and on changing the dimensions of the television receiver to show wide screen pictures. Despite of this continuous technical development, modern TV is best understood first by learning the history and principles of monochrome television and then by extending that learning to colour.

We at LG Service Centre holds a strong technical team who has complete knowledge on all the techie appliances. We LG TV Service Center Mumbai service centre hold strong and repairs professionals as well as trademark in the market. LG TV Service Centre in Worli, LG TV Service Centre in Mazgaon, LG TV Service Centre in Altamount Road, LG TV Service Centre in Neapence Road, LG TV Service Centre in Pedder Road. If you ever experience an issue in your refrigerator whether it might be big or small, we take care all of it and give you out and out satisfaction with our service. LG TV Service Repair Center Mumbai, assure you, once you join your hands with us for service of your appliances, you’ll be with us forever.

We have well-trained professions who have minimum 5 years experience in our company we provide genuine service. We supply very good quality washing machine service centre Mumbai we repair and service all kinds of TV. Sometimes the elements of the TV are easily marketed. All major tasks are any electronic conditions with our technician’s experts in repair services. We will provide good technicians and trained workers to service your TV entirely. LG TV Service Centre in Masjid, LG TV Service Centre in Sandhurst Road, LG TV Service Centre in Chinchpokli, LG TV Service Centre in Surrey Road, LG TV Service Centre in Parel, LG TV Service Centre in Sion, LG TV Service Centre in Kurla, LG TV Service Centre in Vidyavihar. We provide all the spare parts and models of the TV for any brand and model. We provide good service and with less amount but better service. Our service centre will follow the rules and regulations. Here are provisional technicians repaired for customers. It is one of the best services available. Just you reach us we will be at your front entryway on schedule and prepared to work. LG TV Service Centre in Ghatkoper, LG TV Service Centre in Vikhroli, LG TV Service Centre in Kanjurmarg, LG TV Service Centre in Bhandup, LG TV Service Centre in Nahur, LG TV Service Centre in Mulund, LG TV Service Centre in Thane. We have all types of spare parts of all LG models. We provide the service at the time.


It is a wonderful creation for the entertainment Industry which not only help in revealing the fresh talents and discovers new music but it also stimulates our musical heritage while encouraging the fusion of styles and artists. Television cultivates generosity and care, supporting many charitable organisations’ fundraising events. Sports events’ broadcasts inspire people to go beyond their personal limits and gather billions of viewers around sound and positive values. By offering quality entertainment, television provides an avenue of dreams and wonder to households around the world.

Today information is everywhere. But television has a particular authority. Great television programmes create communities around them. TV shows, live events and news make animated conversation for friends, family and colleagues. They bind people together and trigger reactions on social networks. It is a fantastic educational tool. LG TV Service Centre in Beach Candy, LG TV Service Centre in Mahaveer nagar Kandivali, LG TV Service Centre in Cuffe Pared, LG TV Service Centre in Malabar Hill, LG TV Service Centre in Girgaon, LG TV Service Centre in Shivaji Park. It broadens knowledge of different cultures, promotes tolerance and global understanding of international issues. Without television, professional sport would be unrecognisable. The global media sector of which television is a major part employs millions of skilled workers across the world. Consumers now have more opportunities to enjoy television content than ever before. Television ensures that consumers know about new products, services, ideas and projects. It strengthens the position of existing brands and reassures consumers about the choices they make.

Types of Televisions By Technology:

1. Quantum Light Emitting Diode (QLED)

Quantum light emitting diode (QLED) displays are the next generation of LCD displays. Tiny nanoparticles called quantum dots are emended in the LCD display, which completely improves colour and brightness. OLEDs still have a better contrast ratios over QLEDs but the screen can be larger, last longer and are more affordable than OLED TVs.

2. Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED)

An OLED display contains an organic compound that emits light in response to electricity. The organic compound, which can be small molecules or polymers, is situated between two electrodes, at least one of which is transparent for viewing the fluorescent compound clearly. They can also be even thinner and lighter than LCDs because filter layers are not required. OLED TVs don’t require backlighting, they also use approximately 40% less power than LCD screens, saving you money on energy bills in the long run.

3. Light Emitting Diode (LED)

An LED TV is actually an LCD TV that’s backlit with light-emitting diodes instead of standard cold-cathode fluorescent lights so it’s not really all that much of a different type of television but because it’s marketed as LED instead of LCD, we are including it as a separate entry. They do cost more than the regular LCD TVs, usually by a few hundred when all other specs are the same.

4. Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)

LCD technology uses a unique state of matter called liquid crystals. In this molecules are fluid but retain a specific crystal structure such that they are all oriented the same way. When the screen is inert, no light can pass through. But when an electric field is applied, the liquid crystals rotate to a degree dependent on the voltage applied, which lets a corresponding amount of light pass through the screen at that pixel.

5. Digital Light Processing (DLP)

DLPs use an optical semiconductor chip with over 1 million mirrors that process digital signals by tilting to varying degrees, reflecting light in deferent directions to create an image. The resulting smooth viewing experience has several advantages over cathode-ray tube and plasma TVs, including longer lifespans, lighter weight, and 3D projection compatibility.

6. Plasma Panels

Plasma displays are designed as a cellular grid with pixels that contain plasma, an ionised gas that responds to electric fields. The plasma layer is flanked by electrodes, with glass panels in the front and rear. Plasma TVs use similar phosphor screens as cathode-ray tube TVs, making the colour depth similar in both technologies.

7. Direct TV

TV manufacturers have ceased production on these models in most countries in favour of newer technologies. However, don’t completely disregard the cathode-ray tube TV as an option to keep around. Cathode-ray tube TV technology may feel outdated now, but in the future may be reclassified as vintage and enjoy a resurgence.

These types of Televisions are available in both type of screens which are Flat Screens and Curved Screens. Currently, the demand for flat-screen TVs is way higher than curved-screen. Which leads me to believe that while the curved tech is novel and may appeal to some, it hasn’t really seemed to catch on big time yet. LG TV Service Centre in Churchgate, LG TV Service Centre in Marine Lines, LG TV Service Centre in Grant Road, LG TV Service Centre in Mahalakshmi, LG TV Service Centre in Lower Parel, LG TV Service Centre in Prabhadevi. However, Curved screens are supposed to provide a better view of the picture when viewing directly in front as well as from the side. The curved screen apparently assists in better viewing of the entire screen.

Features of Television

1. Television includes both sound and visuals. This audio video features of television makes it a magic medium which allows us to watch the world from our living rooms. This strong visual nature helps television to create vivid impressions in our minds which in turn leads to emotional environment.

2. We can watch television in the comfort of our home with our family. This is why television is said to be the domestic medium.

3. Television is said to be a live medium because the live nature of television allows it to transmit visuals and information almost instantly.

4. Television targets the mass, as through this a single message can be delivered to mass at a time in just one go and this is the most useful and effective feature of television.

5. Television programs are not easy to be recorded by their viewers. It may be practically impossible to record every programme which appears on our television.

Our Services

We understand that moving and transporting large, modern TVs can present significant problems. To address this issue, we offer a full home repair service. We cover most addresses within the areas in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. LG TV Service Centre in Dadar, LG TV Service Centre in Matunga Road, LG TV Service Centre in Mahim Jn, LG TV Service Centre in Bandra, LG TV Service Centre in Khar Road, LG TV Service Centre in Santacruz, LG TV Service Centre in Vile parle, LG TV Service Centre in Andheri. We can usually arrange our visit at a time that is convenient to our customers. It doesn’t matter where you television was purchased and what model of television that you have as we can fix any make and model of TV. Depending on our repair workload we will always try to provide a same day turn around. We offer a part-exchange should your faulty TV be uneconomic to repair or you just wish to upgrade to a new item. We offer the following services:

• Our engineers are ready to take your call and assess your TV right away.
• Dedicated team of trained service technicians.
• Our technicians are punctual and honest.
• We offer a same day TV repair service to all of our customers.
• In most cases we can provide a quote over the phone, so please have the make and model of your TV to hand when contacting us.
• In -home Television repairs for most makes, models and sizes.
• Reliable services at reasonable rates.
• Same day services in many cases.
• Courteous service and respect for your privacy at your home.

Quality repair services, affordable service charges, well-trained engineers are the major services provided by Led TV repair in Mumbai. The quality repair comes at affordable prices which save your invaluable time and money LG Led TV repair in Mumbai. Big experience in repair of home appliances LG Led TV repair in Mumbai. For getting the best LG led TV repair in Mumbai you can contact in High tech services. LG TV Service Centre in Jogeshwari, LG TV Service Centre in Ram mandir, LG TV Service Centre in Goregaon, LG TV Service Centre in Malad, LG TV Service Centre in Borivali, LG TV Service Centre in Dahisar, LG TV Service Centre in Mira Road, LG TV Service Centre in Bayender. To increase the life lines contact in best LG led TV repair in Mumbai as we are giving free service advice. Our LG led TV repair in Mumbai gives 30 days’ warranty on all type of repair services.

Common Problems faced:

1. Television turns on and off by itself

This is a very common problem with televisions. Sometimes resetting the system can bring it back to function.

2. Picture discolouration or distortion

Sometimes the TV starts normally but after sometimes the picture gets distorted or discolouration occurs. If possible check the TV with other video source like a DVD player or gaming options like play station/Xbox. If the picture is still distorted, this means your television needs a repair.

3. TV has picture but no sound or sound without picture

This can be due to simple problems in the sound or picture setting. So check the sound and picture settings of your TV.

4. A coloured vertical/horizontal line is displayed at the one end of the screen

This can be due to the magnetic waves coming from the speakers or other electronic devices placed near the TV.

Our technicians are trained and qualified technically; we are giving better service and repairs, we repair genuinely and put spare parts back. We will be available in any season for better services. We are having senior and best technicians in our service centre. Our service centre is one of the best TV service centres in Mumbai. LG TV Service Centre in Cotton Green, LG TV Service Centre in Wadala, LG TV Service Centre in Sewri, LG TV Service Centre in Kingcircle, LG TV Service Centre in Tilak Nagar, LG TV Service Centre in Chembur. Our team is capable of any issues related to TV. Our goal is to provide 100% customer satisfaction. Television repair is our specialty. We will first priority of customer care service, you will never worry about customer service, and we provide excellent customer care. By helping the customer understand the product and answering questions about their reservation they are sometimes seen as having a role service. We have our own transport facility, our service centre, and multi-brand dealers. LG TV Service Centre in Vashi, LG TV Service Centre in Sanpada, LG TV Service Centre in Nerul, LG TV Service Centre in Seawoods, LG TV Service Centre in Belapur CBD, LG TV Service Centre in Kharghar, LG TV Service Centre in Panvel. Our company team engineers are changing the repairing parts and we provide repairs to original spare parts in air conditioner servicing at Mumbai cities.

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